Correctness, speed, accuracy - service 24 hours/7 days a week.
The ROAD ASSISTANCE service is for the city of Sofia.
In case of missing wheels or damage of the chassis, we add 20 BGN to the price. The prices are VAT included.

The best 24-hour service at accidents, breakdown, repatriation, fuel delivery, power supply, change of broken tire, recovery of lost key, stuck.

лек автомобил

пътна помощ от SOS Auto


ROAD ASSISTANCE: For any kind of road accidents and breakdowns. Repatriation of cars, vans, jeeps and cargo vans.

теглене на автомобили


TRANSPORT: Our teams strive to provide the highest quality services. All our drivers are effectively trained and well informed so they can deal with tasks and situations of your vehicle, its transportation and servicing.

подаване на ток


POWER SUPPLY: The vehicle cannot start up? Often, all you need is a boost to the battery in order to start up your engine. Our roadside service technicians are trained to bring your car back on the road quickly and efficiently.

смяна на гуми


TIRE CHANGING: If you are left on the road with a broken tire, our team quickly and safely will change the tire.




AUTO LOCKSMITH: We have specialists with years of experience and impeccable qualification. If you have locked your car, call, in order to get back on the road without damages over the vehicle.

доставка на гориво

FUEL SUPPLY: If you are left on the road without fuel, we can quickly and reliably provide the fuel you need in order to continue your journey. With our 24-hour service, we will return you on the road at any time. Contact us!

24-HOUR TELEPHONE LINE: 0876 448 333
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